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Medically Supervised Detoxification


The discomfort associated with drug or alcohol detox is one reason why many people avoid or put off seeking addiction treatment. If a person is physically dependent on drugs and/or alcohol, making the decision to go to treatment is only the first step. Before any real recovery can begin, the body needs to be cleared of these substances so it can begin the healing process, and so that the mind can be open. However, the process of detoxification can be dangerous if not handled properly, and under medical supervision.

Withdrawal from any drug can be uncomfortable, but for alcohol and benzodiazepines in particular, it can be deadly if not performed under medical supervision. Serenity Acres has a licensed medical team on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure clients are given a safe environment in which to detox and recover. Medical practices and holistic therapies are both applied to detox treatment, so that clients are as comfortable as possible during this process.