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Rejuvenating the body.  Relaxing the Mind.

At Serenity Acres, we offer clients the opportunity to practice hatha yoga on site with a trained instructor, allowing them to develop the practice in a safe, supervised environment. Yoga sessions are offered two times per week for both males and females, often in combination with meditation practices. Our yoga sessions typically begin with a short seated meditation followed by a physical practice and end with a relaxation. Our instructors teach simple breathing techniques that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation in the body. Through these practices our clients can begin to use the physical body as a resource for healing and growth.

Yoga is an ancient practice, which combines stretching and breathing techniques to promote relaxation and multiple other health benefits. Short-term effects from practicing yoga include stress reduction, improved flexibility, and improved cognitive functioning. When practiced over months or even years, yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve cardiovascular function, lower blood pressure, increase lung capacity, improve balance, and promote a healthier weight and stronger bones. It is often combined with meditation and other practices for substance abuse and addiction recovery and relapse prevention, in order to provide a healthy outlet for stress and tension.