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Sauna Therapy for Addiction Treatment and Detox

Saunas for Detoxing the Body After Years of Addiction and Substance Abuse

Saunas have been used for thousands of years because of the health benefits and overall therapy that these treatments provide. Modern medicine has replaced many of these traditional therapies with pills and other reactive type treatments. Sauna therapy, as with most ancient healing techniques, works on removing the illness and preventing it, rather than treating by covering up symptoms. We feel that in today’s toxic environment, nothing replaces this proven method of natural cleansing and healing. Not only do the apparent accumulation of drug residues and their lipophilic metabolites in the body play an important role in drug addiction, but every person today is exposed to other pollutants, such as toxic metals, environmental pollutants, pesticides, etc. These residues are linked with persistent symptoms, unknown or difficult to diagnose illnesses, and their mobilization from body stores into the bloodstream connects with drug cravings and health problems experienced by most people, especially those with substance abuse history.

Sauna therapy operates on the belief that getting rid of toxins in the body is an important step to overall health and recovery. Sauna provides many benefits in addition to the cleansing effects, such as relaxation, health maintenance, social aspects, and healing. Sauna therapy for addiction treatment helps to address the physical issues that are related to drug and alcohol addiction.

Sauna treatment is part of the overall program, including exercise, diet, nutrition, sleep, and a structured schedule.  Sauna treatment, through the process of ridding the body of toxins, will also increase the feelings of well-being, circulation, and provide relief from other health conditions that our patients may be suffering from.