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Mindfulness Meditation Therapy for Addiction Treatment

Meditation Provides Tools for Coping With Everyday Life

Meditation is an integral part of our addiction treatment process at Serenity Acres. Meditation sessions are offered two times per week for both males and females. We teach our clients various methods of meditation, and encourage them to find a process that works for them. Through group guided meditation sessions, as well as individual direction, clients are given the tools to quiet their minds and handle stressful situations without the use of drugs or alcohol. Our therapist is a trained facilitator of cellular expansion and healing. Cellular expansion releases constrictions and blockages that are stored in your mind, body, and spirit while transforming one’s own personal process for sobriety.

The regular practice of meditation has proven health benefits, such as improving cardiovascular, rheumatologic, and digestive functioning. It can also provide the individual with relief from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other emotional difficulties which can arise when working towards sobriety. Studies have shown improvements in not only concentration/attention, but in overall brain structure and function as a result of regular long-term meditative practice. Further, 12 Step-based recovery uses regular meditation as a means for spiritual maintenance and growth.