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Holistic Treatments for Addiction & Substance Abuse

Treating the whole person, not just the addiction

Addiction and substance abuse damages more than just the physical body. At Serenity Acres, we believe in treating the whole person- mind, body, and spirit- in order to give each client the best possible treatment and maximize the odds of maintaining long-term sobriety. This holistic approach goes far beyond the mind and body connection of finding and maintaining wellness. Overall wellness AND “wholeness” is highly valued. Taking a holistic approach allows us to treat parts of the person that traditional medicine cannot.

Our highly specialized team is well versed in the use of therapeutic Eastern and Western remedies to facilitate recovery from addiction. Our program addresses all aspects of healing, from correcting nutritional deficiencies caused by substance abuse as well as addressing emotional, biological, and physical imbalances. Nutritious meals and snacks are provided to revitalize and restore good health. For patients with chronic or acute pain issues, we use a variety of pain management techniques to teach alternative, drug free ways to obtain relief.

A Holistic Approach to Life

Holistic therapy is really a lifestyle approach. All parts of a person’s life: physical healing, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and values are considered. Clients are given individualized attention and taught methods of self-care in each of these areas.