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Grief and Loss Counseling for Addiction

Specialized counseling for grief and loss

Grief and loss are significant causes of stress that may trigger or worsen addictive behaviors in addicts. Clients may have experienced loss in the past, or will likely encounter it at some point following their stay in treatment. Learning to effectively cope with grief and loss can be vital to recovery for those struggling with addiction. At Serenity Acres, we provide a comprehensive counseling program that identifies the stages of grief:

We also provide tools for the patients to deal with past losses that may be unresolved. Many people who suffer from substance abuse issues have experienced death or have lost loved ones, and use drugs or alcohol as a means for avoiding the pain of those experiences. Resolving these losses, and learning how to process grief in a healthy way, frees the patient and enables them to move forward without feeling the need to numb their pain with chemical substances.