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Saved My Life

Serenity Acres saved my life. They gave me the ability to actually put into practice all of the tools and resources I had previously learned. They also brought me back to fully connecting with God. They gave me confidence that I had lost. I also got to reflect on who I am and to start believing in myself again, which is critical to recovery.


The change in me is like night and day–physically, mentally, and spiritually. I am able to remember who I truly am and that I’m not the bad person I was before I got here. Serenity Acres helped me to strengthen my relationship with God and now I am in the best shape of my life. I’m confident and happy, which is something I haven’t been in years!


At Serenity Acres I had a complete shift in perspective and self. I’ve learned balance, spiritual and emotional growth and how to appreciate the beautiful gifts recovery has to offer. I’ve never felt so at peace with myself and others. A sense of deep, true personal fulfillment has overcome me and I’m more motivated than ever to surrender my will to a Higher Power and 12 step program. I’ve never placed this much importance in making good choices for myself and my life.


Serenity Acres provides a comfortable, friendly, and fun environment to be at. We were given the opportunity to have fun and to work on ourselves in what feels like a safe place. It’s kind of like a big family and all of the staff are especially nice. Overall it doesn’t really feel like a typical rehab, it’s more like a group home where we are very well taken care of and supported. My counselor was someone who showed me time, love, and care. He made me really feel like a good person. I learned new things from my counselor that I wasn’t ever able to get from my sponsor. I feel like after working with my counselor I am better able to identify with issues and now have tools to deal with them. I very much appreciated this place and would most definitely recommend it to others.


When I called here to ask if there was any way I could come the next day, they walked me through everything and calmed me down. Right then I knew I would be in good hands. I felt welcomed already and the staff makes you feel like you are at home. It was the best decision I have ever made. They made me laugh and learn how to love myself again. It really helped me work through all the things I had bottled up inside me. I learned how to fight cravings, and how to get honest. The meetings were helpful, everyone has made an impact on my life and has helped me grow. I wouldn’t trade how I’m feeling for anything in the world. This was my first treatment center and I’m glad that it was. I didn’t know what I was walking into but I knew majority of the staff here which made me feel a little more at ease. I’m thankful for Serenity Acres for giving me my life back. My physical appearance has most definitely changed, I feel like I am glowing and I can honestly say I am happy. I used to be so miserable and hated life, but today I am joyous, happy, and free. That is the best gift I could possibly have. I am able to hold conversations now and I am content and happy with me. I’m proud of myself and am ready to take recovery on. The girls in my house were amazing and I was able to be thankful to start friendships and be able to laugh, play games, and be myself. It’s so freeing. Every day here, my life changed a little more and for that I’m thankful. The outings helped me grow as well by facing my fears and getting outside my head. This place has given me my life back. My counselors have also helped me in so many ways. They never sugar coated or cosigned anything. They helped me see things for what they are. I learned a lot of recovery through them. My therapist was also the sweetest most caring and loving person. She helped me when I needed it the most. Serenity Acres has sincerely changed my life.


I loved the caring staff, dual diagnosis, home like environment, safe and fun environment, holistic approach and the friendships that came from it. I am able to recognize that I had a problem with drugs and suppressing my feelings. This place taught me how to cope with the reality of the situation and gave me the tools to use in my future. They helped shift my thinking to a more positive and progressive way of life with the tools of recovery to use. Helping me let go of regret, guilt, and all the pain to be free from my past to write a new chapter in my life. Having connections with people was life changing, but most importantly myself and going through recovery together. Sharing raw emotions with a group of women getting through the tough and exhausting nature of the early recovery program with grace dignity and most importantly sobriety.

Staying Clean

I’d choose Serenity Acres because they treated me with care, but were assertive. This place saved my life. The meals were excellent and it doesn’t have a hospital feel. I have been given the tools and processing abilities to stay clean.


I went to a program that was primarily for wards of the state. That place pales in comparison. Serenity Acres was a better facility with more professional staff. There was also much easier access to counselors. I felt like I was treated as a client instead of a number.This place was much more suited for creating an environment that is going to give the best chance of recovery.


Not only is this a great looking place, but the atmosphere makes it real comfortable for you to focus on everything that you need to get done. Having a structured schedule is very helpful and having chores gives you a sense of accomplishment. I also like how you get to experience the extra curricular activities. I like how you see your substance abuse counselor every day and your mental health counselor. Overall it was a great experience. Last, but not least, the breakfast was absolutely amazing and the chef was a very genuine and down to earth guy.


The staff is courteous and polite. I was there for sixty days so I had become close with most of the staff and I feel that they go above and beyond the call of duty. I really liked that we met with our addictions counselors every day. This kept my recovery moving forward. I loved the yoga, acupuncture, and massage. I also liked the fact that many of the staff members are also in recovery. It gives hope to the residents. To watch so many employees that are in recovery and are positive, is such an inspiration. This experience has also taught me how to be more patient and tolerant. One thing I learned is that I need to take the time to pamper myself by getting massages, practicing yoga, and doing acupuncture. I have also gotten very good information from the counselors that I will be able to utilize in my life. I also received very positive feedback from the counselors and other patients on my attitude positivity. When I first started treatment I was more reserved and didn’t speak much. Now I get along with all of the women and they come to me for advice. I also had other patients come to me after a session and compliment something that I said. I feel a lot more at peace with myself. My counselor was also very compassionate and knowledgeable. He has been a huge inspiration for me. He is someone I wish to keep in contact with for the rest of my life. He has given me so much guidance on how to handle my addiction. His sense of humor and knowledge have been very encouraging. I take everything one day at a time. I have learned not to over extend myself. My situational awareness has been heightened. I am now spiritual, which is something I struggled with before. I am now more open to suggestions and thoughts. I am a lot calmer and when I contribute as sessions, people come to me afterwards to find out more of what I have to say. I have also learned to really listen and think before I speak.


I would choose Serenity Acres over any treatment center in Maryland. This was my fourth time in inpatient rehab and I have been in other various facilities, but none of them come close to Serenity Acres. The staff is excellent and beyond helpful. I’m so glad I had an hour counseling session everyday with my primary counselor, and happy I saw my mental health counselor at least twice a week. I learned holistic ways to help my recovery and overall health. I was shown different options to improve my mind, body, and spirit. Acupuncture was very beneficial to me because I had never tried it before. I also feel better prepared to face reality and certain situations now that I have been taught the proper tools to use when I am tempted. I feel that I am in a more positive and clear mindset now, than when I first came in. All my experiences at Serenity Acres have changed my outlook on my addiction. I have an open mind and I’m more open to different options to help further my recovery. My counselor was an amazing, knowledgeable person. She helped me so much. She has taught me tools like rational thinking and playing the tape forward. She was the best counselor I have ever had in inpatient treatment and even better than the counselors I saw at home. She is someone I want to strive to be like in life. She is so compassionate and goes above and beyond to assist me and educate me in any way she can. It was such a pleasure having her as my counselor. I would highly recommend Serenity Acres to other addicts seeking treatment.


My experience at SATC has been life changing. Had I known I would walk away from this place with so much more than I came in with I would have come much sooner. The staff made me feel like they truly cared about me and my recovery. The transition was made as comfortable as possible. I was placed in the care of two absolutely amazing, supportive, knowledgeable counselors who helped me work through so much during my time here. I have realized so much about myself and my counselor has given me so much hope and strength and understanding throughout my journey. I was pushed when I needed to be pushed and comforted when I needed to be comforted. They listened to everything I shared with them and made me feel safe. I’ve built so many relationships that I will carry with me forever. They gave me the ability to live life. I have gained so much strength in myself. For the first time in years I feel so happy. I have so much to look forward to.  With the skills I’ve learned here I look forward to a long, happy life of recovery.


This program was excellent! The staff seem genuinely happy, motivated, and excited to be here and to be able to steer the clients toward a better life. The yoga, acupuncture, and massage is such a great break in routine and I found that I really like the eastern medicine approach. It adds a unique aspect to recovery that you really can’t find anywhere else. The facility itself is very nice and extremely comfortable. Serenity Acres does a really nice job and I think this is key for those in early recovery.


Choosing Serenity Acres was the best decision of my life! This place showed me how to have a great time being sober and how to live one day at a time. I loved that some of the staff are in recovery because I found it helpful and very comforting. They helped me find a new way of life and got me through the process of becoming me again. I also found that morning process and meditation were very useful.


My counselor will forever remain one of the most influential people in my life. Her ability to relate to my experiences without any judgment made me feel comfortable immediately. She has given me tools and coping skills that I felt were specifically designed for me and the obstacles I fear I will face during recovery. She gave me homework, readings, and assignments that kept me interested and provided me insight into the disease and myself. She treated me with respect and made my program based on me and how I learn, and didn’t treat me like just another patient with the same generic plan. She has helped me to learn the path towards self-acceptance and always made me feel like she believes in me. The best part about her is her energy and how genuine she is- it feels like she is in the fight with me and I can’t wait to see her at my 1 year anniversary. I have calmed down, I think before I speak, I am less reactive, and I finally fully realize how blessed I am. She made me appreciate music and realize how many hobbies I have and things I can only pursue if I am sober. I have gained patience and have learned to let go of judgmental thoughts and behaviors. I’ve learned to thing about my intent before acting. My counselor more than anyone else has helped me with my self-confidence. All-in-all I am happy, drug free, and have learned it’s not about me.

Wholesome Recovery

I have genuinely been invested in a wholesome recovery and taking constructive action to bring about change. I’m also able and willing to feel and manage my thoughts and emotions. I have an overwhelming sense of hope and fulfillment.


At Serenity Acres I felt very comfortable. The staff made me as if they cared about me instead of treating me like just a number. They had a holistic overview with accommodations such as nutrition, acupuncture, equestrian therapy, vitamin IV, and massage. The most beneficial thing was that they are dual diagnosis. The one on one time with my counselors was just what I needed. Their knowledge and experience with addiction was very helpful. They made me realize everything I needed to know about my addiction. Every single session I have had with them has been life changing for me. The one on one time with my counselors was just what I needed. Their knowledge and experience with addiction was very helpful. They made me realize everything I needed to know about my addiction. Every single session I have had with them has been life changing for me. Serenity Acres gave me many tools I can use for the rest of my life.


Serenity Acres has a very comprehensive approach. The dual diagnosis helped focus on emotional/cognitive development as well as addiction. It’s great that we get to do fun things that help us see that you can have fun being sober. I loved the holistic, spiritually based therapies. Also, the staff and environment are amazing.


My counselor opened my eyes to my true self, good and bad, and I was able to love it all. She pointed out my crazy fortified defenses and helped me break my guard down. I realized how much of a lie I had been living and became tremendously empowered once I understood that I could take action to change it all. She gave me faith in a God.


After coming here, not knowing what to expect, I was initially greeted with smiles. I couldn’t understand then why people were happy. After completing the program, I now know why. This place has given me so much hope, ambition, and knowledge that I will use to give me a sober, joyous life. I’m so grateful to have chosen Serenity Acres. I couldn’t imagine anyone not giving this place credit when I don’t think any other place could show me who I was and that I don’t have to be that person anymore. They guided me to a place in my heart that I didn’t think existed. My counselor was tremendously vital in my recovery. She challenged me mentally and spiritually. She made me look deep into myself and realize what my motives were before I came to Serenity Acres. The biggest change I made was probably being able to really listen to what other people had to say and not just listen to myself. I finally started doing things different, when normally I would just make the wrong decisions. She was so understanding with me and showed me that she really cares. I love her for what she has done for me and for the person she is. I am forever grateful to have met her and to have been in this place.


I felt like I was in a truly loving and caring environment. The staff were amazing at exploring coping strategies and helping me feel comfortable. For the first time since middle school I have been happy about being sober. I am committed to my recovery and living my life sober. I would have never thought it was possible to thing this way. I can communicate better than ever before. I am being honest with myself. The biggest change I have noticed is that my self-esteem has grown. I feel better about who I am. When I shared in the meetings at Serenity Acres for the first time, it was revolutionary. I felt poison being drawn out of myself and healing taking place. My counselors were also amazing. My sense of self and solidarity have been restored. They advocated for me when I needed it and made me feel like I was worth something. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone needing treatment.


I would choose Serenity Acres because of everything it has to offer. The individual therapy is unlike anywhere I have ever been. All of the groups and classes are very beneficial. They taught me to focus on my recovery but also how to have fun again. It gave me a chance to take a look at my relapse and figure out where I went wrong. I was able to find an understanding of my life and how my disease has been with me my whole life. After identifying this I could use the tools I have learned and actually apply them. I have also been able to give up my will to God, open up, and accept suggestions. By doing all of these things I have been able to find a new way of life and an understanding of myself that I have never had before. Working with my counselor and becoming aware of things in my childhood and how it really relates to my life today. Gaining this understanding helped me learn who I was as a person and why things were the way they were. My counselors really helped me work through my issues and find out what I was missing. They helped me to become willing to give up my will and understand what I was missing in my treatment and why I kept relapsing. I was also able to work on my sexual abuse issues and they helped me learn to accept what happens. This has given me an understanding of how it affected my drug use.